心を今に戻して、I love meから始めよう



健康とは病気と元気の調和している状態であり、活動としての幸福であるWell Doingと、存在としての幸福であるWell Beingが、ライフステージに合わせてシフトしていく過程であると言えます。





Let's get our hearts back to where we are now, and start with "I love me".

Being healthy is like a stable floor to dance one’s life brilliantly, and also the entrance for all the activities, I think.

I’m an occupational physician who prescribes language education to the people and the companies that forget the definition of the health and lost their balance, with the thought that health is not a goal but only a means.

Health is a state of harmony between illness and vigor, and is a process that Well Doing, which is happy with doing, and Well Being, which is happy as existence, shift according to the life stage.

Health is something that should be built with effort every day, on the other hand the happiness makes you aware that your life is truly irreplaceable, and also makes you appreciate your own existence.

I provide language education through all the challenges of working people, from health management to reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities.

For all the people who live the 100-year life, the education is needed where they can make their own instruction manual to handle health and well-being, and talk about this by their own words.

It’s my way as an occupational physician to educate people through language with facing on-site issues and thinking together.



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